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Styles of Wedding Photography to Consider

When you are trying to choose the right Skaneateles wedding photographer, there are several important things to keep in mind. First, consider the style of photos that you would really like. Remember, you'll be looking at these photos for decades to come, so try to choose a style that really reflects who you are. Some of the most popular wedding photography styles include:

Traditional Portraiture Photography

Traditional portraiture photography is the type that you probably think of when you think of standard wedding photos. These are close up photos of the bride and groom, as well as full length photos of the whole wedding party. These are very basic photos, but they can be enhanced to remove blemishes or other problems if necessary. If you are going for tradition, this might be your best choice.

Fine Art Photography

A Syracuse Wedding Photographer who does fine art photography will be focused on creating photos with an art like appearance. Imagine your wedding photos, at home on the walls of a museum, and you have the concept of fine art wedding photography. This type of photograph may be enhanced with special effects like extra color, blurring effects, or other special measures to really make it stand out.

Modern and Edgy Photography

You may want to choose an Skaneateles Wedding Photographer who can give you ultra modern and totally unique photos. This type of photo is gaining popularity in recent years because they are truly so different than what was done in decades past. To get this type of wedding photo, you need a Syracuse Wedding Photographer who is willing to think totally outside the box. An edgy wedding photo may have very unique angles, unusual focusing, or some other different approach. For example, the wedding photographer may focus on the bride preparing for her big day by taking a close up photo of her make up products, with the bride visible only faintly in the background.

It is important to ask your wedding photographer if they are able and willing to do any or all of the photography styles that you are interested in. You might want to have traditional portraiture photographs in addition to a few modern and edgy ones just for fun. Be sure to ask for examples of previous work so you can see if you and the photographer are really on the same page in terms of style. A good wedding photographer is a flexible one who is willing to help make this the most special day of your life.

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